PhoneCord - Handy Chain / Smartphone Necklaces / Docking Station / Handy Lamp

Maritime mobile phone chains for brisk Deerns with salt water in the blood and urban skipper with enough depth. On the 7 oceans proven ship dam and robust rivets made of stainless steel, are the ingredients for handgetakelte mobile phone chains or smartphone necklaces / smartphone chains made at Hamburg's
Waterkant. Inspired by traditional seaman's knots, maritime colors and the art of rigging and splicing of nautical ropes, which has been handed down for centuries, Hamburg's Elbufer, a salt-water-proof smartphone for a shore leave in a stylish mission. Complete your urban outfit with maritime accents - in the form
of a handy mobile phone chain. PhoneCord mobile phone chains are not only practical for the service on deck, but also cool gadgets and real eye-catchers. Sturmerprobte Smartphone Necklaces from ship dam in different colors and designs for him & her, handy lamps and docking stations - here's the webshop!

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