Swing-Air: Lounge Chair
Swing-Air is a contemporary in & outdoor Lounge Cantilever chair. The chair provides a maximum in comfort and rocking ability supported by air filled `boat fenders` which build the seating area. By regulating the fenders air pressure, one can adjust the degree of hardness regarding the individual relaxing and sitting habits. Fenders are robust and UV-resistant `airbags` used in the shipping- and off-shore
industries to prevent damage while ships are located in the harbour and being pushed to the quay wall or to each other.  To mount your Swing-Air Lounge Cantilever Chair, fenders were just looped up to the cantilever frame made of high quality German Krupp steel. Especially invented tube joints let you disassemble the cantilever frame into 4 tube segments which could be stored or transported space saving together with the
deflated fenders. As accessory we offer seat covers in different colours made of rough sail canvas cotton. The consistent selection of premium materials and components with a convenient haptic and a high-end-material finish, guarantees an unlimited range of possible usage sites - like beach, terrace, balcony, swimming pool, garden, lobby or just inside your loft or home.


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