Wallpapers (Theme Foils)

Wallpapers: Fresh Designs...
for your unique designer-, storm- or smartphone lamp. Here you find different designs which could be printed to personalise the wallpapers of your Ambientshop light product ( ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, storm lamps, smartphone lamps). We cut and print the wallpaper motives of your choice to fit the model your ordered. Ambientshops high resolution printing process, guarantees bright colors and photo realistic details. Just choose your favorite wallpaper motive and we generate the motive foils for the following product ranges:
-Terrific-Tubes Ceiling-, Table and Floor Lamps (Wallpapers > printed foil stripes to be pushed into the lampshade Glass-Tubes)

-LimpLamp Storm Lamps (Wallpapers > printed lampshades for the differen Storm Lamp models `Classic`and `Vino`)

-Smarphone Lamp `Luzy` (Wallpapers > Lampshade and basis for Smarphone Lamp`Luzy`)

-Table Lamp `Reload-It` (Wallpapers > printed motive foils to be pushed over the the glass


You can also order new wallpapers to refresh the appearence of the lamps you ordered allready some time ago. The translucent motive foils can be replaced quickly and easily and give your lamps and strom lamps a new outfit in just no time.




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