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>> Welcome on BraceLab - Create your favorite designer bracelet with just a few clicks.
>> Let the lines go! - Use Drop-down menu to design your individual wish bracelet with in a n eye blick via app on your smartphone or PC. Depending on your type & style, choose rope, rigging and closure and define the circumference of your wrist. Finally, put your finalized signature accessory in the shopping cart and start the manufacturing process by pressing the order button. That's all.

>> After only a few days, your handrigged one-of-a-kind-bracelet ends up comfortable in your mailbox.

>> The combination of storm-tested ship rope and seawater-resistant stainless steel equipment of renowned ship suppliers, with long-time proven rigging technology of maritime origin, guarantees both, the longevity and the exceptionally high-quality product-haptic,assotiated with our latest accessories series.

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All sailing-rope accessories are handrigged and produced in Hamburg individually for you. Ropes and seawater-resistant stainless steel components from renowned marine suppliers ensure high quality and a decent haptic.