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Maritime sailing rope accessories for brisk mermaids having salt water in their blood and urban skippers with enough forward draft.
On the seven seas proven ship cords and sturdy boat fittings made of stainless steel and brass, are the DNA for hand-rigged bracelets, key chains and lanyards, made at Hamburg's
waterfront. Inspired by traditional seaman's knots, maritime colors and the art of rigging and splicing nautical ropes, at Hamburg's Elbe shore, saltwater proofed accessories are manufactored, to escort your shore leave in a stylish manner. Depending on the model and color combination, our sea-solid cordage
accessories stylishly underline your outfit, for the service on deck, the cadet ball or the nightly buccaneer`s patrol with your crew members through bars and harbor dives.
Storm-tested accessories, made from sailing cord, for him & her, in variable sizes and designs, can be found here in the webshop!

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