Bottle Cooler made of Concrete
Just put the bottle cooler for about 90 minutes in the fridge or freezer before use and it keeps your beverage cans, drinks or bottles pleasantly cold. The bottle cooler is hand casted into special molds and comes with a pleasantly smooth surface and convenient wrist strap along. Handge-Pack weighs 6.9 Kg, is suitable for beverage cans and bottles up to

max. 7 cm in diameter and has the following dimensions: length 28.5 cm / width 19 cm / height 15 cm.
Branding for catering- and corporate clients Each bottle cooler is a unique masterpiece - Hand casted to Portland formulation, equiped with an indestructible wrist strap made of sheet rope and customized with
your logo or CD in Uptown Hamburg. We deliver your logo `casted into the concrete` or `4-C-printed` onto the concretes surface . For more information about our newly released product `Handge-Pack - Bottle Cooler made of Concrete ', please call or email.

Ambientshop Hamburg T:+49 (0)40-303303 50
eMail: bottle-cooler(at)


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