Sylpo - Sylte`s Tetrapode...
Sylpo - The org. Sylt miniature tetrapod is a tribute to the distinctive breakwater protecting Sylt coasts from the harsh North Sea. Sylpo consists of hand casted concrete and combines the functions of candle holder, vase and coastal protection in a double feature design object. Every tetrapod is a handmade unique. The elaborate casting process in specially designed concrete forms generates an
incredibly fine and smooth surface finish. Once in hand, one would not let go Sylpo again. Just like its big brothers which protect Sylts coastline before tidal and storm erosion, helps Sylpo the conservation of the island by supporting the `Stiftung coastal protection Sylt`. Each sold set shares 5% of the sale in Coast protection programs run by the foundation.
Detailed information on the Sylt coastal protection program is available on their website. Sylpo is 11cm tall and wide and can be fitted with candles with a diameter of 19-24mm. Each set will be 4 high quality, dishwasher-safe glass tubes that transform Sylpo in no time in a stylish table vase. Sylpo Escorts are here in the new webshop!


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