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    Here you find the construction manuals for our most popular models. Inside the manuals you see a detailed description how to build the different light objects with our designer construction kits.



    Designer Lamps styled by you

    Define size and shape of your lamp shade and choose from over 170 different wallpaper styles...or send your personal design (holiday pics, company logo...). With TERRIFIC TUBES you can configure your unique designer lamp regarding size, shape, colour and design. For further information just visit our website.

    The Inkubator - the Core Part of BULBS UNLIMITED Systems:

    The Inkubator is a positioning jig for standard light bulbs

    A Jig for Positioning the Snap Buttons - The Inkubator

    An innovative development for sustainable Designer Lamps

    The "Inkubator" is the core part of the Bulbs Unlimited system and should capture the bulbs for defining glue points for connecting snap buttons. Therefore the surface of the Inkubator contains holes. Every hole is consecutively numbered and leads a waterproofed pen to the included bulb. Construction manuals show which number combination you should use for building the different shaped light objects. Finally assembled, the Inkubator includes 2 parts, dome and base and is made from solid polycarbonate. The opportunity to set snap buttons to several positions on bulbs surface, enables you to create endless different light object designs.

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    Just clip the Bulbs together

    Snap Buttons (Press Buttons) connecting common light Bulbs

    Simple as Lego® brick assembling, bulbs are pluged together and could be removed and reassebled as often as you want to make a new light object project.

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    The Adapter - for the new, smaller Light Bulbs

    Just as we launched our Inkubator, the Bulbs began to change...

    Many bulb manufactores changed their bulb size, due to economic reasons, from 6 cm to 5,5 cm glas body diameter. Therefore we invented an adapter, which enables the Inkubator to handle these new bulbs as well. The adapter just should be placed inside the Inkubator and fixes the bulb in it`s center. Afterwards, the bulb should be marked as usual through the consecutively numbered holes. The new adapter is now available in our web shop.

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    - Construction Manuals