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  • Why not recycle retired light bulbs into amazing designer light objects?

    The first recycling kit for burnt out light bulbs on this planet

    The Idea behind Bulbs Unlimited - An Example for sustainable Design

    Creacycling - Creative Recycling

    Beyond Bulbs Unlimited: All over the world millions of burnt through light bulbs were careless littered every day to common garbage dumps. We think that`s a great pity, if you imagine to use these bulbs as feedstock for creacycling them into innovative, individuell light objects. According to actual estimations, only round about 7, 5 % of burnt through light bulbs undergo a state of the art recycling process. The complexity of this recycling process, in which glass and metal components had to be mechanically separated, made it not very popular. Therefore old bulbs, in the majority of cases, end up in our common household waste. In doing so, a burnt through bulb is too precious to be littered, it worth it, to creacycle these bulbs with the Bulbs Unlimited construction set, into stylish light objects with cult factor. We support the idea, that retired bulbs better start their second life in terrific light objects, than to be burnt with ordinary rubbish in high temperature incinerators. So be a boy scout and a lamp designer in one and creacycle your bulbs into spectacular light objects. If your stock of burnt through bulbs unfortunately run low, it is also permitted to use new ones from supermarkets

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