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    Here you find the construction manuals for our most popular models. Inside the manuals you see a detailed description how to build the different light objects with our designer construction kits.



    Designerleuchten selber stylen

    Define size and shape of your lamp shade and choose from over 170 different wallpaper styles...or send your personal design (holiday pics, company logo...). With TERRIFIC TUBES you can configure your unique designer lamp regarding size, shape, colour and design. For further information just visit our website.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    all Details about the Product BULBS UNLIMITED

    How long the glue needs to cure?

    FAQ 1:

    For keeping the process for our customers as easy and comfortable as possible, we decided to provide a one component glue with our packs, that need 48 hours to complete cure.

    Which Construction Kit do I need for which model?

    FAQ 2:

    You find this information in the following chapter:
    - Construction Kits

    Which Kind of Light Bulbs are appropriate for constructing Lamps?

    FAQ 3:

    With BULBS UNLIMITED You could use light bulbs with the classic Edison shape. These bulbs are available in 2 different sizes. Both fit to the Inkubator and could be used for BULBS UNLIMITED light objects.

    - Inkubator

    Are Light Bulbs included in BULBS UNLIMITED Packs?

    FAQ 4:

    BULBS UNLIMITED Packs do not contain Light Bulbs. Different types of Light Bulbs you could order separated in our web shop..

    - weiter zum Shop

    How big could I build my Light Objects??

    FAQ 5:

    In theory there is not size limitation for our Light Objects. To ensure good stability we recommend to build not more than 5-6 levels of Bulbs. Otherwise handling and hanging becomes difficult.

    Do the Bulbs break while clipping them together?

    FAQ 6:

    To minimize the impact while assembling and disassembling, just pull or push in line with the Snap Button Basis. Do not cant. If there is no space to pull staight, use two small screw drivers to lever the Snap Buttons apart.
    - Construction Kits