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    Designer Lamps styled by you

    Define size and shape of your lamp shade and choose from over 170 different wallpaper styles...or send your personal design (holiday pics, company logo...). With TERRIFIC TUBES you can configure your unique designer lamp regarding size, shape, colour and design. For further information just visit our website.


    B2B / Wholesale Information: Prices & Conditions

    You like to promote and sell BULBS UNLIMITED Products?

    Add innovative Designer Products to your Portfolio

    Details for Retail (Web) Shop Owners

    You run a furniture-, design-, lamp-, or lifestyle shop with customers who have a sense for contemporary and sustainable design? If so, check our B2B site and capture all vital information about the product BULBS UNLIMITED and it`s prices and conditions.

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    BULBS UNLIMITED Affiliate Program

    Promote our Designer Products on Your Website and earn attractive commisions

    We like to invite you as an affiliate- and publishing partner to join our appealing and well compensated partner programs at AdButler / Belboon. Your program participation guaranties sales commissions on our Designer Lamps and construction kits, ranging from 8 – 14%.

    Due to the open and creative mind set of our customers, we are looking out for competent and dedicated promotion and publishing partners.Preferred Affiliates run strong website attracting users interested in:

    - Design articles & Gadgets
    - Furniture & Interior
    - Designer Lamps & Lighting
    - Gifts & Presents
    - Graphics & Design
    - Do-it-yourself
    - Bargain Hunters
    - Penny Pinchers
    - Students
    - Urban Nomads
    - Recyclers

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